Level 2 + Agile DSE assessment

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enricoSmog ergonomic practitioners recently carried out over 150 individual risk assessments for electric sit-stand desks that have been installed in our new offices. They provided an excellent service and thoroughly professional in approach and reporting.

I thoroughly recommend their services.

Francis Riley, Occupational Health Manager, Centrica Storage Ltd

What is an Agile worker?

An agile worker is one who is permitted to work wherever he or she chooses provided the work gets done!

Agile work can embrace a wide range of new ways of working, but each one if not adequately considered in the context of physical and cognitive hazards, can have a significant impact on the organisation, which may create far more reaching issues. Therefore, an ergonomic and human factors approach must be undertaken to Agile Worker assessments.

While the introduction of pods, touch down areas, breakfast bars, coffee shop sessions, rest areas, co-working and collaborative spaces etc can be good, there is often a lack of joined up thinking that has taken place that lead to design failings. A quick glance of many companies advocating new workplace designs show literature with photos riddled with poor design where models adopt poor posture. Are they really the people to give you the best advice?

Assessment approach

Given the above definition of Agile work it soon becomes apparent that a single risk assessment is not sufficient, and a comprehensive risk investigation should be undertaken.

We would tailor our assessment and investigation to your exact requirements to ensure that you can adequately manage and safeguard your agile workers.

Do laptop, tablet and smartphone users require an assessment?

Yes, as they are display screens and therefore come under the DSE Regulations 1992 amended 2002.

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