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Remote worker assessor course

1 Day course

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  • Duncan Abbott is a Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors specialist with extensive experience in DSE office ergonomics and all types of DSE assessments for workers with and without specialist requirements

  • The course is based on real life scenarios from which you will gain great insights into what makes an effective DSE assessor and make you your organisations 'go to person' for successful workplace solutions

  • Duncan is a qualified trainer with extensive experience in training and teaching, coaching and mentoring in a wide variety of environments to a diverse range of people

Benefits of attending

  • This course delivers ... if you want to the latest updates on remote working and best practice this course is for.


All delegates will receive a certificate

Preliminary requirement

  • You will receive summary notes to give familiarity to the topics and you will be asked to consider each in relation to your organisation.


Who should attend?

  • This holistic course is for people professionals, assessors and managers wishing to make a difference for staff working remotely and want to engage with others and remain updated

Why you should attend?

  • Be confident in using a holistic, validated and researched approach to remote working. We have used evidence-based research gathered from UK and international research, and good practice and gathered data from remote workers
  • Be proactive and demonstrate to employees that your finger is on the pulse and you actively working to maximise employee experience
  • Save money. Don't spend a fortune on equipment as the chances their will becostly mistakes, for which somebody will be accountable for
  • Know and evaluate your people management tool to determine if they are fit for purpose. Many have been  found to be useless
  • Be compliant in data, security, GDPR and legislation. The legal aspects, boundaries and how to prevent litigation through legal forebearance
  • Design an effective communications policy that motivates and is inclusive
  • Define what is good practice?  What is achievable? What is scalable?


As an assessor you will learn:

  • Carry  out a virtual assessment, evaluate posture and space through the use of tools and templates to diagnose and resolve problems [Carry out a task analysis and trial / Go on a user journey throughout the spaces/ Agile work space user experience
  • Give design advice in developing the hybrid environment for multiple inhabitants
  • Get the basics right for cognitive process and physical design and you can lower stress and anxiety and
  • Ensure that your agile work practices blend with your wellbeing /Agile work space user experience psychological boundaries
  • Carry out effective assessments and audits
  • Have staff got the right training? Right tools? Right attitude?
  • Changing work environment and use of different technology
  • Communication


Expected Outcomes

  • Be able to benchmark his or her company in relation to good practice to ensure remote workers are fully engaged
  • By using specialist checklists, tools and templates to assist he or she will be confident in carrying out virtual assessments
  • By understanding remote worker issues delegates can ensure that line managers are updated and trained to manage remote workers and be able to communcite through agreements acceptable action and behaviours

How the delegate is assessed

  • Delegates are not assessed but will be open to questions and expected to contribute to discussion and add to follow up debates as part of their CPD

Programme - Remote worker assessor

Morning AM

  • Research findings
  • The virtual world of remote work and definitions to promote understanding
  • Legal and GDPR
  • How to get CCC backing
  • Discussion


  • The best approach to virtual assessments and avoiding the pitfalls
  • Using a checklist and templates
  • Etiquette and boundaries
  • Giving great information and inspiring the employee

Case study

  • Practical followed by discussion on ways to improve and be resourceful


  • Physical health
  • Psychological health ie sleep, burnout, anxiety, stress, resilience
  • Advice to line managers to promote good health and psychological safety through:
    • Work organisation and motivation
    • Flexible working (obligations, time zones)
    • Task design and pockets of time
    • Dealing with fatigue and burnout
    • Agreements to avoid bias, cliques, bullying and harassment
    • Job design and stress management
    • Collaboration and communication (ensuring positive/enable and avoid negative/disable)
    • Meetings – Monday ask about the person
    • Boundaries and etiquette
    • Dealing with interruptions and distractions
    • Socialising and casual virtual meetups (optional)
      • speedchat and positive psychology
    • Work life balance – switching off
    • Signposting i.e. domestic violence, loneliness etc
    • Nutrition and hydration
    • Maximising the positives and leading with a positive mindset
    • The importance of humour
  • Break out and final discussion  

Price  £350.00

VAT (@20%) £70.00

Total £420.00

All delegates receive

  • Remote working handbook with list of resources
  • Checklist and templates
  • A course certificate


Course dates and locations


Online course

  • Please contact us for dates

Geographical locations of assessments

Our assessment services covers most areas and includes: Aberdeen, Bath, Berkshire, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Canterbury, Cardiff, Chelmsford, Chester, Colchester, Devon, Edinburgh, Essex, Exeter, Gatwick, Glasgow, Gloucestershire, Greater London, Guernsey, Hampshire, Ipswich, Isle of Man, Jersey, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Peterborough, Portsmouth, Reading, Salisbury, Scotland, Sheffield, Somerset, Southampton, Surrey, Swindon, Wales, Wiltshire, Winchester. 

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