Mobile DSE worker and Field worker risk assessment

What is a mobile DSE user?

A mobile DSE worker is out and about with set places to go and perform work e.g. sales person visiting clients, a surveyor at client locations. On return from a client they will need somewhere to write up reports, process sales orders etc.

A mobile worker differs from an Agile Worker as the latter can work where he or she pleases providing work gets done.

There are clear legal duties that an employer must observe clearly stated in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 – to provide safe systems of work and that a suitable and sufficient risk assessment has been carried out.

Mobile worker ergonomic assessment

Our mobile worker ergonomic assessment can be for a single individual or a group of workers to determine that equipment provided, and tasks performed do not impact upon the safety and wellbeing of the mobile worker. Assessments can improve productivity and team efficiency.

Our assessments are based on physical and cognitive needs and organisational issues. Mobile workers are vulnerable to stress and poor mental health and therefore it is key that mental health is considered to ensure total wellbeing.

We run training and awareness sessions to enable staff to be trained to become competent to carry out his or her own workstation, which can alleviate the headache for companies who have mobile workers.

We offer experiential training for teams which can be very effective.

What is a field worker?

A field worker is an employee whose tasks include: driving and performing on-site tasks in a variety of often uncontrolled environments.

He or she often encounters a wide variety of safety hazards throughout their working day and needs to adopt awkward postures, excessive force and prolonged positions to carry out tasks required of them.

Our ergonomic field worker assessment would consist of assessment with a specific focus on learning practical ergonomic techniques and strategies to identify and avoid hazards so that he or she can be proactive in improving his or her health and safety.

Our mobile worker and field worker assessments and training will focus on an ergonomic approach to: driver safety and posture, working safely across multiple locations, subscribing to wellness by being aware of factors such as diet, sleep, physical recovery and exercise.

Do laptop, tablet and smartphone users require an assessment?

Yes. All workers be they mobile workers, agile workers, service workers, sales reps, drivers etc who use mobile technology i.e. phones, sat navs, tablets, laptops etc should be assessed. The DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations cover all workers that use screens. There are other sets of regulations eg PUWER that are applicable, and it is the responsibility of the company to carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment for all workers as detailed in Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

Mobile workers require a specific type of assessment by a qualified person, who can assess the vehicle, the use of the DSE, the place of work, lone working, manual handling, and much more. Each assessment can be quite different. Therefore, we adopt a human centred approach, with the scientific background of being Chartered Ergonomic Human Factors Specialists.

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