Workplace ergonomics and human centred design

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Home to multiskilled Chartered Ergonomists and Human Factor Specialists, psychologists and designers working with clients around the world helping fix ergonomic problems and usability issues for a better environment.

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Remote and Home working Wellbeing

All our services are being offered as virtual online - assessments, consultancy, coaching 1:1 and group, training courses, and workspace design solutions.

We have run all our courses as virtual online courses and have received great feedback not one person reported that they would have benefited from doing the classroom based courses.


A stellar service in all types of ergonomic workplace assessment, analysis and investigations. A sample of our ergonomic assessments can be found under assessments, we're looking forward to talking to you.
We carry out virtual assessments for staff reporting pain and discomfort and have extensive experience in helping staff who are home based design usable and pain free working environments.

Learning and development

Our first rate courses are designed to stimulate and translate effectively to the workplace. Courses are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors and we have been chosen by the World Health Organisation as ergonomic trainer.
All courses are run as online learning live classes.

Workplace solutions and consultancy

We help companies make sense of new ways of working and have designed human work spaces since 2001.
Contact us for a workable return to work plan of action. We have extensive experience and knowledge of this area and have carried out indepth research.

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