About us

enricoSmog ergonomic practitioners 

enricoSmog Chartered ergonomic practitioners and workplace wellbeing specialists - making tomorrow’s workplaces better through the development of organisational talent that have a winning mindset that utilises design thinking, innovation, problem solving, and creativity while given scientific credence from the disciplines that make up ergonomics and human factors, psychology and design.

We are an independent consultancy registered with the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics  and Human Factors (CIEHF). It is staffed by Chartered Ergonomic and Human Factor specialists, psychologists, designers and wellbeing specialists.

We work with clients throughout the UK and Europe with more client services requested by clients from other parts of the world.

We have excellent research skills and offer first class ergonomic and human factor assessments, consultancy, training and development, and utilise a human centred approach to providing solutions.

 If you would like further details please contact us on 01747 871868 or Mail