How to carry out a Virtual assessment for hybrid and remote workers


CIEHF accredited DSE Assessor course - virtual assessments

This course is an extended extension to the CIEHF DSE Assessor course and has run over 50 times since March 2020 with delegates attending from all five continents.

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This is an extended addition to the CIEHF DSE assessor course that will enable delegates to complete the DSE assessment virtually and resolve issues raised by the user.

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Delegate comments

Thank you for a good session, I have my first two assessments on Monday so word is getting out!

Thank you for today. It was great to get a perspective on the requirement for virtual assessments and the 'flow chart' required for companies to buy into the concept.

Really enjoyed the course last week, thank you.









  • Duncan Abbott is a Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors specialist with extensive experience in DSE office ergonomics and all types of DSE assessments for workers with and without specialist requirements

  • The course is based on real life scenarios from which you will gain great insights into what makes an effective DSE assessor and make you your organisations 'go to person' for successful workplace solutions

  • Duncan is a qualified trainer with extensive experience in training and teaching, coaching and mentoring in a wide variety of environments to a diverse range of people

Benefits of attending

  • Carry out a home / remote worker assessment virtually while ensuring that you comply with all necessary legal requirements


All delegates will receive an updated DSE assessor certificate if they have attended any of our accredited courses.


Who should attend?

  • If you have completed the CIEHF DSE assessor or CIEHF Advanced DSE assessor course then this course is for you. If you've not done either course but have experience as an assessor you can attend this course but you will not get the CIEHF certificate update

Why you should attend?

  • If you wish to carry out a virtual assessment this course is for you
  • Designed to allow maximum practical application in order to allow you to carry out effective virtual assessments


As an assessor you will learn:

  • Know what information to collect before the assessment and the correct procedure to ensure that you are compliant
  • Carry  out a virtual assessment, evaluate posture and space through the use of tools and templates to diagnose and resolve problems - a professional actor is used for the live assessment
  • Give design advice in developing the hybrid environment for multiple inhabitants
  • Write a report to summarise your findings and so become actionable


Expected Outcomes

  • Delegates will be able to carry out assessments for at home / remote workers and  demonstrate competence through the practical exercises carried out. This will enable a virtual homeworker

How the delegate is assessed

  • Delegates will complete a live virtual assessment which shows how to do the assessment

Programme - Remote worker assessor

Programme: Timing  9.00 - 13.00

  • What is a virtual assessment?
    • Etiquette and boundaries
    • In person vs virtual
    • Where VAs fail and how to avoid
  • Problems encountered by the user
    • How to deal with homeworker physical and mental health and wellbeing
    • working in a hybrid environment that is multioccupied
  • Your role as an assessor and your employer's legal duties
  • Pre assessment
    • what information needs to be collected
    • developing an action plan
    • building rapport
  • Assessment - live assessment
    • How to view the workspace (using a 2nd camera)
    • Effective communication
    • Using a checklist and templates
    • Giving great information and inspiring the employee
  • Post assessment discussion and development of policy
  • Writing a report - dos and don'ts

Price  £199.00

VAT (@20%) £39.80

Total £238.80

All delegates receive

  • Guide
  • Checklist and templates
  • CIEHF DSE assessor course with Virtual Worker assessment certificate


Course dates and locations


Dates for the online virtual course

2022 DATES

4th May 2022

Timings:  9.00 - 13.00

Geographical locations of assessments

This is an international course with delegates attending from around the world.

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