Ergonomic risk assessments

Assembly line workers using fatigue mats - poor set up and poor use of fatigue matsProcess worker in packaging using DSE in non traditional environment

What is an  ergonomic assessment?

An ergonomics assessment uses specific techniques designed for manufacturing and production areas to improve performance and productivity.

An ergonomic assessment is carried out in process industries, warehousing, packing, distribution, engineering with the intention to find ways to reduce hazards. This maybe through the selection and design of equipment, or the interaction between worker, equipment and task. We aim to increase productivity, improve the workplace and reduce the risk of physical, cognitive and sensory injury.

Who carries out the assessments and surveys

A Chartered Ergonomist (C.ErgHF)

What experience do we have?

We have extensive experience of carrying out ergonomic assessments and investigations in a wide variety of work areas.

  • Automotive
  • Cold Storage
  • Distribution
  • Engineering
  • Food and drink
  • Laboratory
  • Packing
  • Process industries
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing

What will we do?

We will apply a scientific, evidence-based approach where the goal is to identify ergonomic risk factors, quantify them (using a variety of quantitative ergonomic assessment tools), then make measurable improvements to the workplace, where jobs and tasks are within the physical and cognitive capabilities and limitations of the worker. Using ergonomic tools, we can help clients understand the scope of the ergonomic problem and demonstrate where possible how changes made can be successful.

On completion of the assessment or investigation we will supply you with a report and where appropriate give a summary presentation,

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Articles written by Duncan Abbott C.ErgHF

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