Ergonomic risk assessments for drivers and vehicles

'enricoSmog practitioners ran an in-house course for us for which I have received very good feedback from the OH advisors who attended and from the clients who have been assessed since. Well done!'
Occupational Health manager, OH Provider

'I'd been looking for a course like this for ages, as we have loads of drivers out on the roads, and we want to keep them safe, and so knowing how to carry out this type of assessment will help greatly' 
Health, safety and well-being manager, National Distributor

This course is now running as a virtual online live course.

Preliminary requirement

  • All course delegates are asked to do a simple assessment of his or her vehicle

Who should attend?

  • This course is designed for staff who wish to carry out vehicle assessments for drivers who report discomfort or pain using the principles of ergonomics and human factors methodology and tools

As an assessor you will learn how to?

  • How to undertake a systematic driver and vehicle assessment using our body and risk assessment checklist to identify key risk factors, based on the principles of ergonomics and human factors

  • Understand the common risks associated with driving and be able to offer guidance on how to reduce exposure

  • Understand driver and vehicle anthropometrics and match these to job demands

  • Write a report using an evidence-based approach, that interprets your findings, that will be understood by your client

  • Be aware of adaptations to vehicles for workers with special needs

  • Consider the impact of new technology on drivers and how this can have an impact on their ability to carry out vehicle tasks and why it is not just a question of physical ergonomics that should be assessed

To achieve the objectives the training course is designed to be as practical as possible, and to stimulate and encourage proactive behaviour and discussion throughout the day

Delegates pack

  • Digital Checklist

  • Course notes

​Our training course can be tailor made to those organisations requiring an in house course.

Course timetable and content (Please check joining instructions for exact start time and location)

08.45–09.00 Welcome Coffee and registration

09.00–09.30 Introductions

  • Course overview
  • Common risks and reduction of exposure
  • Checklist
    • Ask the right questions
    • What data to collect
  • Using an evidence-based approach
  • CIEHF professional requirements
  • Delegates will work on a number of exercises

09.30 –09.45 Ergonomics and Human Factors

  • A quick overview to facilitate ease of learning in relation to the specific ergonomics of driver and vehicle 

09.45 –10.30 Vehicle and person ergonomics

  • Driver
    • What is driver comfort?
    • Driver behaviour and its impact
    • Physical ergonomics and anthropometrics
    • Cognitive ergonomics and human factors
    • Metabolic effects of sitting on the body
    • Tasks -what is expected of the driver
  • Vehicle deconstruction

    • What are the essential components of a vehicle when it comes to driver comfort and how to measure these
    • Layout, seating, controls
    • Positioning of steering wheel, pedals and gear stick
    • What features does a driver need? Which ones are often missing?
  • Different vehicles and how does the assessment differ?

    • Car, Van, Flatback, Forklift Trucks, and Lorry drivers

  • Organisational and System ergonomics and human factors
    • The importance to consider when undertaking the assessment

10.30–11.00 Posture and driver needs

  • Introduction to session
  • Driver-vehicle fit - drivers anthropometrics matched to task demands (eg time sitting – driving, time sitting doing paper work, etc)
  • Driving postures -  risk factor, how to determine and quantify
  • Gathering data on driver discomfort using a body map tool
  • Drivers that have a condition that affects his or her ability to sit comfortably (biomechanical / anatomical, cognitive, physiological, sensory)
  • Delegates carry out a number of exercises using the driver body discomfort tool, taking measurements and recording these on the checklist

11.00 – 11.15 Mid morning break

11.15 – 11.45 Typical driver assessments (using a number of case studies)

  • Standard assessment (ensure basics have been covered / is it a teething problem as in a new vehicle)
  • Common issues / solutions (Standard)
  • Dealing with problems (MSDs, fatigue, vibration, and sun exposure)
  • Overview of solutions
  • Giving advice to the driver

11.45 – 12.45 The risk assessment

  • How to use the vehicle and driver assessment checklist in preparation for the afternoon practical
  • Other tasks (manual handling, storage)
  • Adaptations – a look at a variety of different solutions eg back supports – delegates will have opportunity to try out a number of these
  • Advice on using DSE in vehicles

12.45 –13:15 Lunch

13.15 –15.00 Car assessment practical

  • Getting data and writing up a report
  • Each delegate will get a chance to carry out a vehicle assessment which puts into practice what was has been learnt in the AM session
  • The data and findings from this session will then be used by pair/team to write up a report – key points
  • During the assessment the assessor will give advice on how to
    • improve seated posture for maximum comfort
    • organisation of work
    • improving driving technique
  • Using a vehicle selection tool

15.00 Tea
15.05 –16.00 Analysing the findings and making recommendations

  • Working in pairs or small groups, from each group one assessment will be selected and discussed within that group.

  • A 3-minute summary by each group will be given to the whole class.

16.00 –16.15 Driving and wellbeing – how to prevent problems occurring

  • Summary of what advice should be given to:
    • the driver
    • the manager
    • the organisation 

16.00 –16.15 Round up


Cost £450.00
VAT (@20%) £90.00
Total £540.00

The price includes an assessors guide, and course materials.


Please call 01747 871868 if you would like an in-house course or would like to speak a member of enricoSmog's team or send us an

2021 - Live online virtual course led by a Chartered Ergonomist

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