Virtual home and remote worker assessments

Virtual home and remote working assessments

Home worker having a virtual risk assessment by enricoSmog ergonomic practitioners
Have a staff member working at home needing help, suffering pain and discomfort, been advised by a medical advisor to have an assessment. As Chartered Ergonomists we can carry out an indepth remote assessment that is GDPR compliant and will allow full interaction to enable a detailed actionable report to be submitted.

We offer:

  • Design guidance to the employer or the person being assessed.
  • Posture guidance - how to avoid injury and work safely
  • Any equipment changes and what to get
  • Getting the maximum benefit from working at home
  • We give great advice physical, cognitive and organisational

Working with us will ensure that you have an accredited professional who is a recognised expert in ergonomic assessments.

To discuss please call Duncan Abbott 01747 871868 or by email

Duncan Abbott MSc C.ErgHF is a Chartered Ergonomist, Designer and Psychologist

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