What is DSE Workstation Assessment?

What are DSE & Workstation Assessments?

Is wellbeing and user safety important to you? If it is, you will want the best DSE assessments to be carried out for you?

Many companies dismiss DSE workstation assessments, only to spend a fortune on wellbeing. Yet the person sits down for long periods adopting a poor posture, and ill health occurs. Therefore, wellbeing is unlikely to be successful.

We are the DSE assessor trainer of choice for the World Health Organisation and the General Medical Council and many Times Top 100 companies are our clients.

Call for action

The world of work is changing. An ergonomic DSE assessment carried out to comply with legislation is not enough. A poorly designed workstation will eventually lead to ill health, in many cases a major cause of stress and poor mental health. If you wish to comply with the HSE 'Go home safely' then you need to ensure you adopt an ergonomic approach.

DSE assessments should be tied into your wellbeing policy as the design of workstations and tasks are often the main contributor to staff ill health.

DSE stands for Display Screen Equipment and a DSE assessment can be for all types of working environments some of which are listed below. Where specific advice on legal requirements and good practice are given,

  • Office, Service and Industrial
  • Sit-stand workstations
  • Single and multiple screens
  • Home workers and hybrid environments
  • Mobile workers and Service engineers
  • Flexiwork
  • Hotdesking
  • Standing counter
  • Sit-stand working
  • Reception areas, Counters, Information booths
  • Touchscreens – multiuse
  • Laptops and Tablets
  • IPADs
  • Smartphones

An assessment consists of:

  • The assessment consists of assessment, training and information on entitlements. It is comprehensive and will allow the DSE user to assess his or her own workstation and make adjustments to reduce the risk of ill health, stress and visual discomfort
  • The assessment can be for individuals, teams, departments, or company wide - it is not confined to just offices
  • If you wish to install a DSE management system, we can give you impartial advice. If you have an existing one, we can evaluate this for you

Why choose us to carry out your DSE assessments?

  • Assessments are carried out by a Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors Specialist who will tailor assessments to individual need. The benefit of using a qualified specialist is the they can give competent advice on ergonomics and human factors
  • Under the DSE Regulations 1992 amended 2002 it is a legal requirement for all DSE users to have a DSE assessment carried out by a trained and competent assessor. All staff are trained and certified DSE assessors.

Assessments comply with Display Screen Equipment regulations 1992 amended 2002 and all other relevant legislation along with good practice and ergonomic standards.

Q. Is a DSE assessment enough for a person with a special requirement?

A. No. You will need a specialist advanced DSE assessment.  Advanced DSE Assessment

Wherever possible we would recommend that clients train a member or members of staff to be an in-house DSE assessor as this has numerous advantages. The cost to train an assessor or run an in-house course can be quickly recouped in so many ways.

CIEHF accredited DSE assessor training

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Articles written by Chartered Ergonomist Duncan Abbott C.ErgHF

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