Advanced DSE assessments

What is an Advanced DSE workstation assessment?

This assessment is required when the assessment is beyond the scope and competence of an experienced DSE workstation assessor and requires a detailed ergonomic risk assessment.

All assessments are carried out by CIEHF accredited Advanced DSE assessors and are professional practitioners.

An Advanced DSE assessment might be required for a number of reasons and may cover a number of different requirements, for example:

  • A DSE user with musculoskeletal pain eg upper limb, neck, back, lower limb who is finding it difficult to work in comfort or operate equipment and has been given a letter from his GP, therapist or OH advisor, medical centre or insurance company requesting an advanced DSE assessment by a professional ergonomist

  • A new piece of equipment, procedure or change in software may need to be evaluated to identify to reduce the risk of injury or increase the ability to operate safely 
  • An advanced DSE assessment is required to redesign a work area, or to look at further ways to enhance an existing piece of equipment which is not working as expected eg an ergonomic chair
  • An Advanced DSE assessment might be requested to look at new ways of working, eg flexiwork, using different types of DSE, sit-stand work -as each of these if not professionally assessed can lead to increased risk of injury, reduction of productivity
  • At enricoSmog practitioners we carry out Advanced DSE assessments for a wide variety of companies where workers require a complete assessment

What happens during the assessment?

  • The employee will be asked a number of questions relating to his/her health and medical condition
  • The employee will be asked about his/her job and tasks, place/s of work and equipment used
  • A workstation analyis of the primary and secondary work areas will be undertaken
  • Measurement of the employee maybe taken if a change needs to be made e.g. new chair
  • Evaluation of items used will be made along with a postural analysis using posture evaluation tools
  • Having accumulated a lot of data the ergonomist will then be able to compile a factual and accurate report by which to advise the client

Who will carry out the Advanced DSE assessment?

  • The Advanced DSE assessment will be carried out by a Chartered Ergonomist who is on the professional register of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors. He or she will be CIEHF accredited Advanced DSE assessors.

  • Using a professional chartered ergonomist will give you reassurance and protection and avoid potential problems, along with avoiding unnecessary products and changes

We work with clients all over the UK and Europe carrying out specialist assessments, all of whom have found that the cost of engaging our services is quickly reduced as they see the employee returning to work, increasing productivity and overall adding to the wellness of the organisation

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Articles written by Chartered Ergonomic and Human Factors Specialist Duncan Abbott C.ErgHF

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