Advanced Ergonomic DSE assessments

What is an Advanced DSE workstation assessment?

  • An Advanced DSE assessment is an in-depth ergonomic assessment which is beyond the scope and competence of an experienced DSE workstation assessor.

  • The assessment can be referred to as a specialist or complex ergonomic assessment

  • Assessments are carried out by a Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors Specialist and is an Advanced DSE assessor professional practitioner

  • enricoSmog ergonomic practitioners has over 18 years' experience of undertaking specialist ergonomic assessments for workers with all types of conditions and has been assessed and validated by a wide range of organisations including the Department of Work and Pensions

When is an Advanced DSE assessment be required?

There be many reasons for an Advanced DSE assessment as requirements can substantially differ. The following are some typical reasons why we are asked to carry out the assessment:

  • A change in the workplace has resulted in unexpected problems eg high levels of stress, increased reports of musculoskeletal pain, headaches, migraines etc and a professional report following an indepth assessment will be produced

  • Assessment for DSE users suffering from Stress, Musculoskeletal pain, or for other health issues

  • A professional ergonomic assessment has been requested by an Occupational Health Physician, Occupational Health Advisor, Insurance company or other specialist advisor

  • The adoption of Agile, mobile or other type of work has resulted in a high number of issues and specialist advice is required so that a course of action can be found

  • New screens have been introduced and resulted in a wide range of musculoskeletal problems and stress with a slowdown in productivity

  • A user needs an ‘ergonomic’ chair and other adaptations and the employer is uncertain which chair and what adaptations should be purchased. On many occasions equipment changes are not required and a skilled ergonomist will ensure that the solutions will match the user requirement.

  • We can carry out a specialist seating assessment Specialist Seating Assessments

What happens during the assessment?

  • The employee is asked pertinent questions relating to his/her health and about their medical condition. The information asked will relate to the reason for the assessment

  • The employee will be asked about his/her job and tasks, place/s of work and equipment used

  • An analysis of the primary and secondary work areas will be undertaken

  • Measurement of the employee may be taken if a change needs to be made e.g. new chair

  • Evaluation of items used will be made along with a postural analysis

  • Using an evidence-based approach firmly rooted in science will result in the production of a factual and accurate report for which clients can confidently act on. Our reports are explicit and detail all that needs to be changed.

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Articles written by Chartered Ergonomic and Human Factors Specialist Duncan Abbott C.ErgHF

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