Driver and Vehicle Ergonomic Assessments

What is a vehicle and driver ergonomic assessment?

A driver and vehicle ergonomic assessment is an ergonomic assessment undertaken for a single driver or a group of drivers, in response to reported problems with a vehicle or vehicles that are driven.

Our vehicle and driver ergonomic assessment service covers:

  • Assessments - single and group
  • Audits
  • Consultancy - pre purchase, change of vehicle, adaptations
  • Training -
    • Full day driver and vehicle assessor course
    • One to one, small group training
    • Managing field and Agile workers short course
    • Supervisor training - posture training, dealing with common issues, giving advice to the driver
    • Train the trainer


  • We can advise on:
    • vehicle suitability or give a considered opinion on vehicles
    • task, task design and work organisation

Why use us?

  • We use an evidence-based approach to establish facts and when in doubt we seek further information, thereby ensuring that facts are scientifically accurate.
    Changes that need to be made might relate to training, alteration of a timetable, and not a costly vehicle replacement.
    We are Chartered Ergonomists and Human Factor Specialists and have proven expertise and travel all around the UK and Europe to carry out specialist ergonomics driver and vehicle assessments.

What do we do?

  • We undertake a systematic driver and vehicle assessment using our body and risk assessment checklist to identify key risk factors, based on the principles of ergonomics and human factors
  • The vehicles, drivers and tasks undertaken are assessed, a written report is then prepared that identifies any problems and advises what changes may need to be made.

Driver with musculoskeletal disorder                 Operators vehicle

Ergonomic assessment of a car driverAssessment of a mobile camera car and operative using CCTV

Types of assessment

  • If you have been requested by a medical practitioner for a staff member to have an ergonomic vehicle and driver assessment, you need a competent and qualified ergonomist to undertake the assessment and supply you with an actionable report - we can do this, as we are Chartered Ergonomists and Human Factor Specialists
  • We carry out in-depth vehicle and driver assessments for workers reporting discomfort, pain or have specific problems when undertaking their driving duties.
  • Field service worker assessments combined with a driving vehicle assessment
  • Mobile worker assessments combined with a driving vehicle assessment

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Articles written by Chartered Ergonomist Duncan Abbott C.ErgHF

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